12 Workout Myths That Just Need To Go Away

For every two fitness truths, there’s a lie, and sometimes it’s hard to determine which is which. (Especially when it’s something many of us have just assumed for as long as we can remember.) So, now presenting: Mythbusters, Fitness Edition. Letting go of these 12 fitness misconceptions will help you get better, faster, stronger, and more powerful. Flex on friend, flex on.
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MYTH #1: Strength training will make you bulk up

Truth: It’s pretty hard for women to bulk up from a normal strength-training routine because they don’t have as much testosterone as men (the difference in this hormone level makes men more prone to bulking up). In fact, if weight loss is your goal, strength training can actually help you lean out, but you have to keep your nutrition in check, too. “Muscle is metabolically active,” explains Adam Rosante, C.S.C.S., author of The 30-Second Body. Simply maintaining lean muscle mass requires higher energy, he explains. “So, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest.” #Science.

MYTH #2: You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts

MYTH #3: Doing lots of cardio is the best way to lose weight

MYTH #4: Not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout

MYTH #5: You should give 100 percent effort during every workout

MYTH #6: Strength training means using machines and heavy weights

MYTH #7: Sweating a ton means you worked your …  off

MYTH #8: Crunches are a great exercise for your abs

MYTH #9: You have to do at least 20 minutes of cardio to make it worth you while

MYTH #10: You need to stretch before a workout

MYTH #11: Yoga isn’t a “real” workout

MYTH #12: You should work out every day