Oliver Lambourne Student of the Month

Student Of The Month: Oliver Lambourne
who  trains at our GVCCDojo. To receive this award students demonstrate outstanding character in Trustworthiness Responsibility, Caring Fairness & Respect.

Proud Parents Rob and Mieko: Oliver is such a fun boy to be around and we’re very proud of him. He loves to draw and it’s always a pleasure to help him with a creative project. Oliver is kind and considerate with others and he likes to help in the kitchen – his favorite thing to make is cookies. Oliver rides his bike all over town and tries to practice karate at home and work on focus at least two times per week.

Teacher Ms. Molly: Oliver is a great friend, a responsible student and a creative artist. His friends have a wonderful time laughing hard and playing with him. He is also helpful a helpful friend, answering a spelling or math question for a friend. Oliver understands his classroom responsibility is to be a focused worker and use a quiet voice out of respect for his friends. Oliver is creative. He not only draws wonderful characters, he cuts them out and brings them to life in a story.

Congratulations Oliver!
Your Proud Sensei,
Brian Jordan



3 Replies to “Oliver Lambourne Student of the Month”

  1. Fantastic news – Very well done Oliver! We’re so proud of you. Lots of love From Nan & Grandad (UK).

  2. Well done Oliver! You are a lovely little boy and we are very proud of you. With lots of love from all your family in the UK. Xx