Ayla & Tenaya Shichi Student of the Month

Student Of The Month: Ayala and Tenaya
who  trains at our GVCCDojo. To receive this award students demonstrate outstanding character in Trustworthiness Responsibility, Caring Fairness & Respect.


Proud Parents Tom & Cindy: We are very proud of Ayla and Tenaya.  Ayla’s name means strong as an oak and Tenaya is named after a stunning lake in the sierra. The girls are helpful and engaged whether we are camping, cooking or gardening. This summer the girls both caught trout with flies they made themselves. The girls love animals and spend lots of time with their 16 pets. We are especially proud of how our girls show kindness towards others and have solid artistic ability.

Ayla’s teacher Nate Latta: Ayla is a model student in class.  She is always on task and focused and gives her best effort. She excels academically and socially.  She is a solid reader and writer, and has a good set of math skills.  She is kind to others and a good friend to those around her.  She is an excellent artist and puts a lot of creativity and style into her projects in class.  She is a quiet but strong leader in our classroom.

Tenaya’s teacher Mark Casady: Tenaya is a kind, thoughtful, and respectful student. She is focused, well behaved, and a role model for her peers both academically and socially. She is truly an asset to our classroom and a joy to teach.

They both practice at home and remember their practice sheets on a regular basis!

Congratulations Ayala and Tenaya!
Your Proud Sensei,
Brian Jordan