Attitude…Theme of the Month

 is a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling, or behaving.  Example: When we are learning new skills, my martial arts instructor tells us, “Attitude is everything!”  Everyone likes being around a positive person, because attitudes are contagious. Nobody can be happy or positive all the time, but being positive is a choice you can make often. When you are mad or unhappy, you have chosen to react that way. People and situations can make us feel badly, but we choose whether or not to dwell on it and allow it to change our mood. Focus on ways that can help you remain positive.

List an example of how you have shown, or will show a good attitude.



One Reply to “Attitude…Theme of the Month”

  1. I have a good attitude when I take the extra step to make sure I greet someone and pass on a smile.