Character…Theme of the Month

Character …. [kar-ik-ter]

Qualities of honesty, courage, and integrity. It takes character to face a bully.

Your character defines who you are. It is revealed in how you treat others – are you kind, generous, and caring? Do you do what is right, even when no one else is watching? Can you be trusted to do what you say? These questions will tell you about your character. Name something you did this week that showed good character.



2 Replies to “Character…Theme of the Month”

  1. Being honest when it is tough. Being responsible with chores even though there are more fun things to do. Spending quality time with family. Showing gratitude to people in my life. Having good focus in my karate practice and preparation. Being caring and helpful to friends and students.

    • Great advice and comments from a person with great character, Thank you for sharing Mrs. Emily!