Dimitri Nicolaou Student of the Month

Student Of The Month: Dimitri Nicolaou

who  trains at our Buellton Dojo. To receive this award students demonstrate outstanding character in Trustworthiness Responsibility, Caring Fairness & Respect.

Proud Parents Soteris & Jaime “Dimitri is a fun loving, sensitive, smart and sweet  boy.  He has excelled in Karate in such a short time.  He loves spending time with family and playing with his cousins.  Dimitri is always helpful and ecstatic to help his Daddy take on new projects. He enjoys traveling and experiencing new places and things.  We are so blessed to be his parents and are excited to see what his bright future has in store. We love you Dimitri continue to always strive to be your best.”

Congratulations Dimitri!
Your Proud Sensei,
Brian Jordan



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