Gratitude is My Attitude

Tuesday morning, I woke up early, full of gratitude. There’s truly no better feeling and it sets the tone for the rest of the day!

I began my workday and even though it started out with a big setback—the bags I ordered for this weekend’s Boo at the Zoo had not been placed because the printer didn’t receive my artwork approval. The shipment would be delayed and it felt like a big setback.

But instead of feeling upset about it, I decided to change my attitude and approach it from a positive point of view. That attitude, and the cooperation of a great employee with a knack for getting things done, ensured that our bags would go straight to production. We will receive everything by Friday!

This taught me to not react without taking a breather and thinking about how to respond. Reacting to negativity with negativity usually doesn’t produce a good outcome.

I couldn’t thank Emily, the sales representative, enough. She listened, then delivered! And yes, I shared my positive experience with her supervisor, who couldn’t thank me enough for letting him know that one of his employees exemplified the outstanding service they always try to deliver and beyond.

How’s your morning going? We all face so many challenges daily, and while it’s often more easily said than done, it’s the way we react to the challenges that determine our attitude. And how we react to our challenges is what can control.

What are you grateful for?
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