Kieran Stone Student of the Month

Proud Parents Fiona & Doug: “Kieran is the most thoughtful and considerate person I know.  He always goes out of his way to ask how someone’s day went, or help in any way he can.  He wants everyone to be happy and content.  He is caring and kind, intelligent and funny, and so very loving.  He is also a total goofball, and loves to entertain people with a funny walk, dance, or expression.  He loves karate, and is so disciplined about practicing and filling out the sheet diligently every day.  His other interests include Pokemon, chess, and The Flash. Kieran is a great student at school too, and enjoys spending time with his friends, as well as his sister, Emily, and brother, Cameron.  He makes every day better, and we love him so very, very much.”
Kieran is the most empathetic person, not just child, I have ever known.  His sensitive nature makes him sweet and supportive to everyone he meets.  He is dedicated to his karate and takes his practice seriously as he does his broader commitment to being helpful and building his character.  Kieran is a smart, beautiful person, inside and out.

Teacher Ms. Morales: Kieran is a bright, considerate, and thoughtful young man who is always willing to help others. On a daily basis, Kieran demonstrates what it looks like to show kindness, respect and integrity. Both his peers and teachers thoroughly enjoy Kieran’s love of learning.”