Look for the Good

Being a “good finder,” as Sensei puts it, is something I need to practice and make habit. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the karate curriculum that I forget to point out how amazing our students are and all their goodness that they bring to our classes. Our students deserve to hear: “Wow, that was a powerful kick with awesome confidence!” “Your practice sheet shows true commitment and responsibility!” “Great teamwork and encouragement of your classmates!” “You’re working so hard towards your goals!”

As I started thinking about this more, I came to the realization that being a “good finder” is something I can and should be doing all the time with everyone in my life. After all, attitude is contagious. If I have a positive attitude, and announce the good, I believe that good will be in abundance. Who doesn’t want that?

How will you exercise being a “good finder” with your child, friends, co-workers, with every person and every situation? Go out and look for the good.