3 Award-Winning Martial Arts Programs Starting at just $60 a Month

Tiny Tigers (ages 3-6)

Structured 30 minute classes teaching skills with body movement, control, balance and focus. Incorporating basic karate movements and techniques. Introduction of tools to create respect, caring and thoughtfulness! Sign-up

Kid Power Programs (ages 5-12)

Structured 40 minute classes expanding on the skills learned in the Tiny Tigers class, while increasing the movement of traditional karate techniques. Introducing safety awareness skill while actually role playing scenarios. Sign-up

Goju Ryu Karate (ages 13 and up)

Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate taught with todays applications in mind. Sign-up

All classes just $60 per month for one class per week. No Hidden Fees. No Enrollment fees. No testing fees. No separate insurance fees.
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Additional Programs

Private Lessons

Individual one-on-one instruction / $40 per lesson

Cardio Karate

Develops cardiovascular improvement with karate training. Minimum of 6 students / $99 for 10 classes

Weapons Training

Traditional martial arts weapons (bo, staff sai, jo, nunchaku and nitanbo), & padded weapon sparring with safety equipment (requires instructor approval). Minimum of 6 students / $99 for 10 classes

Yearly Tournament

All students 18 years of age or younger are invited every year to our school wide tournament where family and friends get to watch students compete in a wide range of kata, sparring and choreographed competitions. All levels of skills can enter and everyone gets a trophy! $30 for one event, $40 for two events.

Free Bonus Events Every Year

Programs for Teachers and Schools