How to Find the Best

How to Find the Best Martial Arts School for You

Find a school you can afford.

Ask what the true and complete cost of the program is. All costs should be clearly detailed and made available to you. If you ask this question first you will save a lot of time. If they do not answer this simple question it may be because they have been trained to avoid it and continue with their scripted enrollment procedure and all the fabulous things they will instill in your child – including character building, life skills, and listening skills. Do you want your child instructed by a teacher who doesn’t listen? Remember the teacher you select will be a real life role model for your child.

Bonus Tip: Don’t get hooked by a FREE Week and gi special!

Things that should raise a flag of caution!

Free private lesson/evaluation to assess if you’re child is ready for the program! Evaluating a child in a private lesson would have no reflection on their ability to take group lessons. At South Coast Karate we would only offer a free private lesson if requested by the parent so the child might have more confidence when taking the group class.

After your 5-7 year old has taken class for a month or so, you’re told “We think Johnny has what it takes to be in our Black Belt program!" South Coast Karate does not have a Black Belt Club, we just have quality Black Belts!

Agressive advertising. Did you hear about the school from a flyer on your windshield? In many states that is littering. Did your child get an invitation card from another child at elementary school? This is a violation of most public school district policies. Did you get a flyer from a child in uniform at your local mall? (This is much different from students doing a demonstration at your local mall). We don’t send our children out soliciting for new students.

When you’re being solicited to enroll you’re asked if you might have a friend who’s interested in joining. Yes, we would like to have all your friends join us, but you’re the one who took the initiative and you deserve our undivided attention.

You’re asked to pay an enrollment fee on top of the session fee. We have no enrollment fees, it’s simply one of the many cost of operating a professional business.

Bring A Friend Day:

Bring a Friend is very common in today’s martial arts schools and a great way to add excitement to your child’s day. Sharing something you enjoy with a friend is rewarding on many levels and if your friend likes it enough to join you can always feel good about introducing this positive activity to your friend.

What to look out for:
Does the instructor place excessive pressure on the kids to bring a friend? Do the kids receive monetary awards for bringing a friend? Some schools actually pay the kids with “Dojo Dollars.” We have given free t-shirts to the new student or to the existing student, but having read this, that will be replaced with a very sincere thank you! (We all have room for improvement).

Visit the School Unannounced!

Did the instructor stop teaching the class to see if you want to enroll your child? Remember after you enroll; your child will be the one left on the floor while that instructor tries to enroll the next new student. Did you feel free simply observing? Are there other parents watching? At South Coast Karate, not only will you see parents watching, but you’ll see them helping! We want you to know what we’re teaching you child. We’d love the chance to talk to you, but you are welcome to observe any of our classes at any time. If you are not ready to contact us for all our locations and class schedules, please visit us at our main dojo in Goleta.

Over 90% of parents will enroll their child in the first karate school which they walk into. It’s a sign of the times, parents are busier than ever, they simply want convenience. Convenience is great, but this is an investment in your child, our future, take the time to explore your options, find the best you can for your child. I hope you find this as a helpful guide in navigating your child through that wonderful journey of life! See Our Programs to begin exploring your options.

Respectfully, Brian Jordan

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