Tiffany Ball Student of the Month












Student Of The Month: Tiffany Ball
who  trains at our GVCC Dojo. To receive this award students demonstrate outstanding character in Trustworthiness Responsibility, Caring Fairness & Respect.

Proud Parent Stephanie: “I am very blessed to have Tiffany as my daughter, she is truly a very special person.  She is dedicated and focused with whatever she is involved in.  This includes karate – practicing daily, swimming – rain or shine, and school – homework is always done on time.   Tiffany is always courteous, kind and respectful to others – including family, friends and neighbors.  Congratulations Tiffany,  I am so very proud of you!”

Teacher Christine Schettler: “She is such a hard-working student whose efforts do not go unnoticed.  I appreciate her attention to detail and the thoughtfulness with which she can analyze both historic and current events.  I am happy that she is one of my students, and I look forward to seeing where she will go over the course of this year and beyond!”

Tiffany has become the most decorated SCK student with this being her 6th! student of the month award and setting another record of 5 consecutive years! Consistency at it’s best!
Congratulations Tiffany!
Your Proud Sensei,
Brian Jordan