Tiffany Ball Student of the Month

Student Of The Month: Tiffany Ball
Proud Parent Stephanie: 

Tiffany loves karate!  She has been a student of South Coast Karate for almost 7 years.  She is always practicing karate, sometimes over 7 times a week, including teaching her mom punches, kicks and katas.  Tiffany is a very responsible girl, whether it’s taking care of our 7 pets, preparing meals for our family or helping with chores around the house.   She always wants to do the right thing and has a concern for others while thinking of them first.  In addition to karate she also is also a swimmer, an artist and creative writer.  Congratulations Tiffany!!  I’m very proud of you!  Love mom

Teacher Justin Pierce: Tiffany is one of the kindest and politest students I have had the pleasure to work with.  She is a wonderful friend to her peers.  They too appreciate her kindness and thoughtfulness.  Tiffany is also a very hard working student.  She asks wonderful questions, takes risks, and always pushes herself to be better.  I am so proud of her and I enjoy every day getting to work with her.