Best Martial Arts Studio!


We’re as proud of our great price as we are of our award winning programs. We’ve been honored with KEYT3’s Children First Award and were voted the Santa Barbara Independent’s “Best Marital Arts Studio” in Santa Barbara four consecutive years. So you know it doesn’t have to be expensive to be the best. How to find the best Martial Arts School for you.

It’s a Way of Life

South Coast Karate teaches both kids and adults to explore their full potential with our martial arts classes. We develop mental focus, physical conditioning, and self-defense skills in a safe environment that promotes mutual respect and encourages each individual to do their best. One look at South Coast Karate and you’ll see that Martial Arts is truly a “Way of Life” with us.

What Parents Say

“Your dedication to all those kids is tremendous. You’re always so encouraging to them. You touch many lives with your compassionate heart and it’s very evident in each class you teach.” Read more…

What Teachers Say

“You were phenomenal! Thanks, my students are still talking about you and the strategies they learned.” Read more…