Vincent Waas Student of the Month

Proud Parents Claudia and Daniel:¬† Vincent is curious, perceptive and never shy to ask a question. He wants to know how the world works and loves experimenting to find out. Vincent is a loving big brother and his little sister Kaia is his biggest fan. At South Coast Karate, Vincent has learned how to set himself a goal and work to achieve it. Seeing him gain confidence and succeed while staying his slightly silly self, has been a joy to watch. We’re proud of you Vincent. Love, Mom and Dad.

Teacher Wendy Kanter: Vincent is always eager to learn and puts forth the effort to work hard, practice, and build his skills. He has the self-confidence to try new experiences. He has a positive attitude and faces challenges with determination. He is outgoing and a good friend. He is helpful and very cooperative.

Congratulations Roman!
Your Proud Sensei,
Brian Jordan